The STRAP Program



Helping small business owners achieve thousands in tax savings by employing proactive tax strategies.


Saves you, the small businessperson, thousands of dollars each year in Self-Employment taxes that are totally avoidable.

Who is it for?

Small business owners who are beginning to enjoy success. 

You're starting to make $50,000 or more a year in net income,

...and expect to see continued growth and business wealth for years to come.


In order to realize these tax savings we will take three steps:

  1. Tax Savings - Together we will ensure that all the proper documentation is submitted and accurate in order to become an S Corp, so that you will benefit from becoming an officer/employee to your own business.
  2. Get Clear -  Become crystal clear on your financial situation. This will ensure we avoid any penalties and fees that come from underpaying your taxes and continue to save you money!
  3. Compliance Strategy - To keep your business organized and start paying yourself a reasonable salary. We will implement this strategy involving payroll and state compliance.

This program is different simply based on client-centric time.

Many will help you with the S-Corp election, but they do NOT actually keep you in compliance ALL YEAR long.

One of my most recent clients has saved over $20k in one Year by saying YES.


 We will do all the heavy lifting of your monthly and quarterly compliance filings.

 All you have to do is focus on MAKING MONEY in your business!

 To learn more click Schedule Time with Me, and let the savings begin!