Individual Tax Returns

Are you looking for fair and honest tax preparation services at a value-based price?   You may have past experience of your return being billed by the number of forms filed with the IRS.  At Owings Tax & Accounting we will offer substantially lower-than-CPA rates for both individual and business filings, and if the form isn't listed in the fee schedule below we most likely don't even charge for it. 

We will do your 1040 and Schedule C (including Form 4562 Depreciation) for well below the industry average.  We love the American wage earner, too, which reflects in our lower prices for simpler returns.   In addition, we are ready and able to assist you with home mortgage interest, charitable contributions, stocks and bonds sales reporting, and even rental income.

Does your spouse have a past-due financial obligation?  Ask me about filing injured spouse - you DON'T want to use the Married Filing Separately status unless there is no other choice, believe me!

We offer a 5% discount for active-duty military and veterans with current ID.  That's 5% off of the entire total!