CFO Services

Helping Realtors achieve thousands in annual savings by employing proactive tax strategies.

Realtors, how much would you love to have a tax expert accountant AND bookkeeper combined into one entity that specializes in your industry?  

What you receive as a client within our focused specialty is a value-based wealth partner that can perform all of the functions of a full-cycle bookkeeper - and takes it to the next level in terms of transactional analysis and the long-term financial health of your business.  You are basically looking at a Chief Financial Officer, at a fraction of the cost.

At Owings Tax & Accounting we take the time to know the ins and outs, stay current with continuing professional education, and speak the language of a very special group of businesses:

  1. Real Estate Brokerages and Offices
  2. Real Estate Sales Associates and Associate Brokers
  3. Property Management and Vacation Rentals Brokers and Managers

How would feel you about someone working for YOU that understands:

Take a look at our guide to real estate specialty tax deductions ==> Real Estate Pro Tax Deductions

We are invested in you keeping as much of your hard-earned money for yourself as possible!

Are you ready to have the freedom to do what YOU do best in your real estate businesswithout the headaches of the financial complications?  Can you imagine a holistic bookkeeping solution that anticipates your reporting, payments, cash flow, and credit needs before you even have a chance to begin worrying about it?

It boils down to this: you do what you do best for your valued clients, and never worry about the books or tax compliance again. 

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