Business Tax Returns

We are your small business wealth partner first and foremost, so we specialize not only in doing Schedule C for 1040's for the sole proprietor, but also in being your "one-stop-shop" for partnerships and S Corps as well.  Owings Tax & Accounting serves S Corps and Partnerships in our accounting and bookkeeping practice, and for this reason fully serve our clients with a full range of business tax services as well.  We are eager to assist you with your Partnerships and S Corporations tax filing and planning.

Did you know that 95% of S Corporations are sole proprietorships?  Isn't that amazing?  The reasons are clearer if you're one of the people that have grown unhappy with the big bite the Fed takes out of you annually for self-employment taxes.  We are dedicated to ensuring your S Corp election is as profitable as possible, including advising your business need to file quarterly Forms 941 as well as your state's UI requirements and Form 940 FUTA.

When you're keeping up with your payments and filings, with our help, it makes March and April a lot less stressful!  Depending on your situation you could be eliminating at least half of your SE tax by choosing this election.     

Because we specialize in real estate our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing that their taxes are being done by an accountant that cares enough to be truly knowledgeable about their unique business details.  All of this at rates that will surprise you if you have comparison-shopped with a traditional CPA firm for the same service.

Take a look at our guide to real estate specialty tax deductions ==> Real Estate Pro Tax Deductions

And yes, we ARE fully able to file your Partnership and S Corporation return if you are in another industry as well!