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I Saved a Family $165,000

That’s not a typo.  One-sixth of a million dollars, pretty much.

I got on a call from someone in my home state, not really in my local area but a couple of counties away.

He was describing a letter he got from the IRS, what I semi-jokingly call a “nastygram.”

They wanted over $176,000 for ONE YEAR in back taxes.

And I couldn’t help but think: this is going to be a huge debt resolution case.

We talked, and it turns out we have a lot in common. 

A real bond was developing.

We shared common interests in the books we were reading.

We even both speed up the playback speed on our Audible accounts!

(Try it – it’s like speed-reading, without the physical turning of pages wink)

We recognized our expertise in our respective expert niches – mine in taxes, his in real estate.

I know a lot of Realtors, but I could tell there was something special about this guy.

Working, raising a family, and giving back to his community as a youth sports coach, too.

So…we began working together.

And, without taking you behind the scenes to the “sausage factory” I got to the bottom of the problem with the back-tax year, caught up ALL of his returns to present day

…and I got his total tax bill, for ALL past years, under $11,000.

That’s right.  $165,000 less. 

He told me months ago when we started that he got the best night’s sleep in a long time after the first time we talked.

How do you suppose he’s sleeping now?

This evolved from a month’s long debacle with an offer-in-compromise and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liability to a bill he couldn’t WAIT to pay!

Sometimes you just have to get over your fear of the unknown and reach out to someone that can help.

I’m telling you that, despite the dramatic turn of events for the better it really was just what I do, for my part.

I just knew where to plug the numbers in, and…

…this guy can now focus on building wealth and financing his children’s futures, without worry.

Can I do this for you?  I sure would love to find out!

Wouldn’t you?

Just click on Work With Me, or on my cover photo on Facebook, or…

…how about here: https://owingsllc.com/workwithme/schedule

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