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The Longest Day of the Year

Summer begins today.

Family visits.  Family vacations.

Trips to out-of-state destinations.

And for my entrepreneurs, a whole wide world of opportunity.

I’ve been writing a lot about summer since June began.

There is an explanation.

It’s been 15 months since the pandemic reared its seriously-ugly head in the world

It has affected my people, the world of commerce and economics.

The human effects have been considerable as well.

What graduating high school seniors had to go through in 2020 was terrible in a lot of cases, though there are so many inspiring stories of people making the best of it.

I talk about summer a lot for several reasons.

One is my own childhood experience.

I was a young child of the 60’s, and if you’re with me you know what I’m saying.

I went barefoot EVERYWHERE back then, for three solid months.

Games of freeze tag with the neighbor kids.

Getting a kite to stay up in the air on our one-block road, running slightly uphill to catch the wind.

Even playing war with the hard pods that fell off the magnolia trees, chucking them like grenades at the enemy across the street.

Second is that with over 50% of the United States now fully vaccinated I dare to hope, and feel (dare I say) reborn.

Doesn’t it feel just a little bit like things are starting to get back to some semblance of normalcy?

Evolving naturally from that thought is the next:

The inevitable comeback of commerce and economics.

If you started a business in late 2019 or early 2020, and suffered through unexpected losses and hardships you have to believe that your vision and inspiration are coming into full fruition, soon if not already.

The universe is abundant.

People do need what you offer.

I’ve been taking some (well deserved!) time off with my granddaughter this month.

Thankfully, she got a high school graduation ceremony, albeit outdoors in a university football stadium.

It was amazing, and part of her present is a trip here to Colorado.

We went whitewater rafting earlier this past week, and the corollary of a good guide on the river inspires me.

If we have good guides in business, helping us with those things we don’t necessarily specialize in:

  1. Financial reporting and analysis

  2. Budgetary planning

  3. Tax preparation

  4. Tax planning

  5. Payroll and payroll tax compliance

We avoid the possibility of crashing our big rubber raft into a slippery rock, flipping over, and trapping ourselves in a cold unforgiving current.

I am having the time of my life showing her my little corner of America, and we have two more days to play, but rest assured…

Big things are coming when the break’s over.

Saturday, June 26th is going to be our company anniversary, and great big huge awesome things are coming later this week.

So…celebrate the longest day of the year today, and the beginning of a season of hope, change, and EPIC growth!

And as always, if you want to learn more, click on “Work With Me.”

Let’s do this!

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