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Who is Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

This strangely-phrased question is one of my favorite parts of, in my humble opinion, the best Schwarzenegger movie ever, Kindergarten Cop.  Remember that one?

This big huge muscular guy with a thick Austrian accent trying to relate to a bunch of 4 and 5-year-olds?  An action movie with comedy elements for sure.  “Get your toy and bring it back to the cah-pet.”  Priceless.

So…who is your daddy?  What does he do?  I’m going to segue right into the mindset here, because so much of how things are for us is how we THINK they are. 

People live in abundant joy on $30,000 a year, and people live with stress and unhappiness making 15 times as much. 

Perception is truth.

I resonated so much with Jack Canfield’s description of his father in the movie “The Secret.”  “Money doesn’t grow on trees; who do you think we are, the Rockefellers?”

Sound familiar?  It did to me!

I will not say that my dad, or my mom, complained non-stop about their lot in life, but they DID have a dim view of money and the people that had a lot of it. 

I grew up hearing that beautiful women only wanted a man with money.

What is worse, I also had the idea pounded into my head that the only way I would know true success is to go to college, get a degree, and get a good-paying job with a pension plan. 

Of course, this was the 70’s. Yup, I’m that old!

We didn’t even know what 401K’s were back then, or that the Great American Pension was going to die on the altar of progress.

I wanted to be a musician.  I was told I would never make any money doing that. 

Guess what?  I bailed on the college track, tried being a musician for close to 20 years (with lots of periods of “working for the man” because I got sick of being hungry). 

I have a point!  Honest!  Ready…? 


Any year, any day, any friggin’ minute!

Your truth is what you make it to be.

Your success is what you make it to be. 

When somebody asks your kid, “who is your daddy (or mommy) and what does he (she) do?” Will he spout out an answer, with all the innocence of youth, that you can take some measure of pride, or at relief in?

You are exactly what you think you are.  Yes, even wealthy.  Believe, then set a goal, make a plan, and take huge massive action.

Be the daddy.  Or the mommy, of course!

And be your most authentic and wealthiest version of yourself.

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