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It’s Hard to Find Good Help These Days

We are looking for someone very special for our team, right now.

Let’s make that clear at the outset. 

This person would essentially be a superhero administrator and office organizational genius.

We’re looking for a Number Three, if you will.  A person to assist both myself and my wife/Vice-President.

This is a real job, with at least a half-time requirement. 

From home.  With a good computer, superior assistant skills, and a desire to see a job through.


I’ve heard some version of the phrase it’s hard to find good help these days before.

A lot.

In books I’ve read, and movies I’ve seen in the long-past days of my youth, I imagine.

If you enter it into a search engine a myth pops up about U.S Grant, the mighty general, functional alcoholic, $50 bill icon and 19th century POTUS.

The myth is that he said it in response to a question about why he didn’t free his own slaves until 1865.

Keep digging a little, though, and most historians believe it’s B.S.

What’s the point?  Whether the Grant story is true, it’s a decades-, hell, centuries-old cliché.

Here’s a thought, and let this simmer over low heat a second:

The phrase works perfectly well with the “these days” part left off, also. 

It’s hard to find good help.

Oh, I believe people want to work.

And I know they like the idea of exchanging their time and efforts for money.

Who doesn’t, really?

The good help part seems to be the bottleneck through which this passes with the most difficulty. 

Good meaning: responsible, possessing integrity and both the drive and the obsessive nature to do one’s absolute best out of pride in workmanship, as well as contribution and team effort. 

Do you or someone you know dream of being a part of something big, and growing bigger all the time?

Something that changes a little bit of the world, providing service as a valuable and integral foundation of a scaling business?

This business has doubled its gross revenue every year we’ve been in business. 

The position is important now, and could evolve into only God knows what, for the right person. 

In fact, you know what?

I’m as confident as I can be that this won’t be the last time I blog on the subject of company growth.

It’s our mission and our goal for every single one of our valued clients.

And it’s certainly our mission here as well.

Has anybody ever described you as having an unforgettable level of competence and skill as an administrative or executive assistant?

Are you a wizard with Word and Excel?

Are you a talented and detail-oriented writer?

Do you have skill and experience with CRM systems?

Do you have a great computer and reliable high-speed internet?

Or…if not you, someone you know?

If yes, then right NOW:

Write to this email address:

Bonus for attaching a resume.

The universe rewards those who take immediate massive action.

I firmly believe that good help IS out there.

It’s time for you and our firm to find each other, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s do this!

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