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The Opportunity Cost of Work

I said it.  Out loud.

It seems that there is an opportunity cost consideration in the decision about whether to even work in the first place in present times.

Raise your hand if you’re trying to hire someone for a simple job around your house, or for a medium-skill position in your business…

…and you’re hitting up against an amazing lack of interest? 

It’s almost like…somebody’s paying these people to be unemployed or something.

Oh, wait.  Somebody is.

Once upon a time, in the process of getting educated in business management I took a course I grew to love called The Principles of Economics.

Opportunity cost is one of those terms rich in meaning the first time you’re introduced to it.

In a layperson’s nutshell, it’s a numerical version of Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken.”

Choice A, or Choice B.

What to do, what to do?

If I invest in a block of stock shares instead of the newest whiz-bang gizmo for my business, the perceived difference in return-on-investment (ROI) is Opportunity Cost.

I wonder sometimes as I look in vain for a reliable executive-level assistant throughout America.

(Yeah, the whole damned country!  I’d say the world, but we need somebody with some U.S. tax code familiarity).

Anyway – how many of these nice people are packing their faces with ice cream and binge-viewing Netflix…

…knowing that unemployment is going to keep rolling in?

Even anticipating advance child tax credits beginning in July?

I have a high degree of confidence that it’s having an effect on the workforce pool.

More people in this country than ever.  Over 210 million people aged 18 and over.

Today, I found myself contemplating the opportunity cost of work.

It’s sad that many may find the acceptance of benefits without the exchange of labor a favorable scenario, but it’s no great surprise that many do.

I am of the firm belief that it has been having a direct effect on the market.

The supply chain of consumer retail goods.

The securing of specialized services.  Don’t get my wife started on trying to find a decent landscaper that’s available less than 2 months out!

“To work, or not to work, that is the question.” 

Doth sayeth Hamlet the Noble.

Want my two cents?  Come on…you’ve come this far…

I think this is a golden time of opportunity.

When the crowd is running in one direction, run, fast and hard in the other direction.

Economics teaches us the law of supply and demand, and the fluctuation of the same.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but frustration is its fun uncle.

Things change.  The status quo rarely remains the same.

Times of great change are times of massive opportunity.

And of massive growth.

Most of all, in the long run, if you look at the hard numbers of work vs. idle behavior five years after the fact.

In all the clarity of hindsight I see with my crystal ball that the decision to work hard for one’s desire and one’s freedom will rise to the top.

It just feels right.

And…righteous effort and right thinking will always lead down the brightest road.

With the sunshine and flowers and rainbow-farting unicorns cavorting in the nearby fields. 

Consider the opportunity cost of no-work.

There is expert help available to the inspired entrepreneur.

And a world of opportunity available.

Modern-day economics rant, over.  Have a most blessed week ahead.

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