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The Transformation of Scale

Bigger is better.  Right?

That’s what they say…

If you have 100,000 really cool things, wouldn’t 1,000,000 be even better?

We’re talking about the next level.

A concept not lost on the video game-playing youth of the world.

Growing takes courage when it doesn’t come naturally.

It can also be painful.  Scary.  Even avoidable, like so many unpleasant things.

Because change is a bitch.

How many of you reading this have a dog?

Have they ever gotten completely twisted out of shape because you moved the furniture around?

We all have our homeostasis, our comfortable blanket, or favorite PJ’s in life. 

Even the household mutt.

But for us humans, possessed of the power of reason and imagination…

Sooner or later, “normal” isn’t good enough anymore.

In fact, the only Normal is a setting on a dryer, really.

We want you to know, whether you work with us yet or not, that your evolution and growth mean something to us.

We want to grow with you, small businessperson.

We want to transform, and scale with you.

Our writings recently have touched on this already, but it’s worth talking about in different ways.

So that the news is heard, and hopefully we explain ourselves adequately.

Our firm is discontinuing the practice of doing tax returns for tax return-only clients. 

Is this odd for a business named “Tax & Accounting?”

Perhaps, but not really, we think. 

Because we’re still doing tax AND accounting here.

It’s just time.  Time to grow, and change.

Evolve into something better.

And yes, bigger. 

We like the allegory of the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

A really cool butterfly, with awesome colors. 

We want this for our business, and…

…we REALLY want this for your business as well.

So much so, in fact, that there is a new level of service coming, soon. 

I’m thinking after my time off with my granddaughter, near the end of the 2nd Quarter in late June. 

Not only working with folks year-round, but a whole new level of business financial services.

Proactive and transformative.  CFO on steroids, for people taking it to the next level.

We’re cooking it up in the laboratory, like Edison working on the first light bulb.

It’s not ready yet, but we can’t WAIT to tell you when it is.

In the meantime, take advantage of our COVID stimulus special on my course:

Solopreneur S Corp Strategy.  $47 almost all the time, only $29 if you get it by the tax deadline.

Monday May 17th. 

You will learn enough in six easy-to-watch videos to save thousands in taxes every year.

That sounds like a really easy $29 to spend, right?

Get it here:

Here’s to your transformation and scaling!

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