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CFO Services vs. STRAP, and the Tax Compliance Piece

Are you a small business owner getting your butt kicked by extremely high taxes?

Did you do your return already for 2020, and have a surprisingly decent year?

Just to have a huge chunk of it taken away, for many people a very nasty surprise.

Would you like to reduce your tax liability by up to 60%?

Keep reading…

I know a lot of home improvement contractors were busy as hell last year.

My theory?

People were stuck at home more, and wanted to fix up their houses nicer.

Look at the price of lumber, for God’s sake.

A buddy posted a picture at a store of the major DIY big box store just a couple of days ago.

$56 a sheet for 7/16” OSB plywood.

The cheap shit roofers use to tack shingles into.

That used to be like $14 not that long ago.

My point is this:

A lot of small business people surprised themselves, and had a kick-ass year.

Just to discover that they’re coughing up over a full ¼, or more, of their net income in taxes.

Tax compliance is a bitch for the backbone of America, the Small Businessperson.

It has always been a focus of our firm to alleviate the pain.

Like a good dentist.

And…like a good dentist, I feel like I get avoided until the pain is unbearable. 

Oh, not by everybody. 

Some of you recognize proactive tax planning is key to a successful business.

But it happens often enough that the comparison is super-easy to visualize.

We have been feeling the pain with many of you this year.

We have been, even with a very good support staff, overwhelmed for the first time in our history.

My marriage has suffered, because I have been keeping service parameters up-to-date for what ended up being over 80 clients.




 Maybe 50% present when my wife is talking to me, because all I can think about is the next thing I have to do…

…or the time I’m losing not being in front of my computer.


We have a solid roster of recurring services clients, in two major categories, like it says in the title I used.

CFO Services – that is being the bookkeeper, accountant, payroll officer AND tax professional for a small business.

STRAP, aka Strategic Tax-Related Analysis and Preparation – covering the 29 significant tax events of an S Corporation to save the small business person that’s willing to pay their own books thousands in taxes.

I specialize in, and sing the praises of, the S Corporation for small one- and two-person businesses.

If you make a certain amount of money a year it makes sense, because it saves you thousands of excess tax dollars, every year you remain in business.

In addition, we have been doing back tax and representation work for people, writing penalty waiver letters, calling the IRS for people, and working toward getting people’s lives back.

All of these clients have put their faith and trust in me, and I am so grateful for them all.

The greatest clients in the world.

For them, and for my unbelievable and beautiful wife I have made a major decision. 

Effective the 29th of April we are no longer accepting new tax returns for once-a-year only services. 

Yes, if you have already engaged to get your return done, and you’re reading this…

…of COURSE we’re going to take the very best care of you. 

This applies only to brand-new business. 

Is this disappointing news? It doesn’t have to be!

In the same 45-minute free consultation I provide every new client I can reveal how working together year-round can save you, too. 

As a CFO client you’ll even know at any point in the year how your business bottom line is doing. 

One more huge gigantic fantastic shift that will come as a result of this policy?

We see a new, larger, comprehensive service level on the horizon. 

That’s still cooking in the laboratory, but…

…it’s going to be pretty damned cool.

Spoiler alert: I know I want to get more into tax and business accounting education and coaching.

Maybe even long-range financial and retirement coaching.

NOT retirement planning or financial advising!  That takes a special license.

But hey…when I started this business, I didn’t have any idea I’d become an E.A., either.

Let me make this clear – if you have engaged and paid my retainer for either a return or an extension…

…we ARE still in the tax return preparation business.

And I do ALL the returns for my recurring monthly services clients, too.

Now and forever. 

To your future abundant prosperity!

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