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The Biggest Problem Hero Entrepreneurs Face

Is it fluctuations in demand?

High overhead?

The fickle whims of the target consumer or service base?

First of all, let’s define “Hero Entrepreneur” a bit.

It takes courage to decide that you’ve got something worth selling.

To set a goal.

To make a plan to achieve that goal.

Then…taking massive action on that plan. 

That’s the hero part that I’m talking about.

A drill sergeant in Ft. Sill told us during a time of more casual conversation that courage is not the absence of fear…

…it’s the conquering of fear.

Hence, the Hero part.

So…what’s that big problem of which I speak?

Bottom line thinking.

I don’t mean being a douche-y greedhead and cutting staff salaries, full-on austerity mode.

I’m simply talking about…

…wait for it…

…knowing how much you’re ACTUALLY making.

After ordinary (and even “not so ordinary”) and necessary expenses.

Of course, also, after taxes.

I have had the great experience of working for inspiring Top Line earners.

My term. 

I define this as one who has mastered the art of gross revenue accumulation.

Even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, or more!

Now, I have also had the direct experience of people in this category that are completely clueless as to how their business is really doing.

How much cash they can afford to spend.

How much they can afford to invest in equipment, or a vehicle.

Because they’re amazing at EARNING the money…

…but miss the most important point about the success of a business, in our opinion:

It’s not just what you make – it’s what you get to keep.

Net income, and cash on hand. 

That is the beating heart and the blood flow of your business.

We are so grateful that we made a decision early in our own business to offer holistic CFO services as well as tax help.

Because it all ties together.

And when it’s organized, and you know exactly where you stand at any point during the year you make better decisions.

Dream better dreams.

Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

And set about conquering the world!

We’re undergoing a major paradigm shift here where we’ll continue to provide tax preparation and planning, of course…

…but to do this in such a way for people that crave next level success will know they have a partner in the wealth accumulation of their firms.

For that reason we have made the mid-season decision to increase our fees for once-a-year tax preparation, as well as focus exclusively on business returns.

To be clear this means that the only Form 1040 returns we are accepting, effective immediately, are those with either a Schedule C, Schedule F or a Schedule E page 1 for Rental Revenue.

As well as Partnership, S Corp, and C Corp.

We want simply to be the Guide on your Hero’s journey to business wealth and success, and this policy shift will allow us to focus on doing just that.

Please message me to learn more.  

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