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QuickBooks Online


What did you just think when you read that? A force for good? A force for evil?

I have felt both ways, more than once!

Do you already have it, but have trouble “getting it?”

Let me tell you something…

Like any decent tool it can make our lives a lot easier.

Like any tool it can be dangerous when wielded haphazardly, too!

The fine makers of QBO also bring us TurboTax. 

And of course, the old QuickBooks that came out in a box every year, now known more familiarly as QuickBooks Desktop or QBD.

The fine folks at Intuit are in it for the money.  If you have any doubt about that research their price increases over the last five years.

Is it worth it?

We have taken the time to test drive other online accounting software.

Xero. Wave. Accounting Suite. 

The one thing they seem to lack is the ubiquity of flow and common experience that QBO does offer, in our opinion.

Does QBO work perfectly? Hell no!

It has bugs.

One is that you have an option to change the sign-off time from one to three hours in Advanced Company settings.

Pffft!  It never works. I get signed out after 45 minutes all the time ????

Also, their recent move to charging people more when they go over a certain level of accounts is not making me love them more.

But, here’s the deal: people are familiar with it.

The cloud-based thing with the 256-bit encryption is reassuring.

And I do get clean reports and invoices out of it. 

As an accountant you have to take a course in it to obtain ProAdvisor status (I have).

And it seems like half of it is a commercial for all the cool stuff you can do with it that makes them better than other platforms.

Plus, they do their best to make the test every bit as hard as a college accounting exam.

But in the end, after 3 years of trial and error it’s now the only thing we’re using. 

Bank feeds, baby.  That’s the real biggie. 

Your dedicated business banking and credit cards are connected to the software, the transactions drop in when you update, and a good bookkeeper or even a savvy layperson business owner can have your books up to date in minutes.

The key is pouring the foundation before you put up the walls.

And hang the curtains in the windows.

Do you want this high level of organization for your business or team?

Oh, and how would it be if your books accountant was also your tax planner and preparer?

We call this CFO services, and it’s a cornerstone of our business.

You do the TOP line, i.e., earning the gross income with your high-level specialized skills.

Let us tend to your bottom line, what you keep.

The holistic picture.




And knowing exactly where your business stands AT LEAST monthly, more often if you want it.

Sound good?  Let’s talk!

Comment below, or go straight to my website and hit the Schedule Time with Me link from the menu!

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