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At some point you made a conscious decision to stop working for “The Man,” and started your own business.

I know, I sound like an old hippie putting it like that, right?

For all you young people that are guessing…yes that means a “paycheck job.”

Giving somebody a W4, working for them, collecting paychecks, and…

Once a year collecting a W2.

NOW, however…

You took the leap of faith.

Started on your own journey of 1,000 miles with a first step.

Venturing into the unknown and oft-times frightening realm of entrepreneurship.

Sometimes it’s breathtaking, right?

Even sphincter-tightening?

You made a beginning, and a firm resolve to “figure it out,” come hell or high water.

I’m thinking about beginnings because, hey, it’s Sunday.

The first day of the week.

We are also beginning, with yesterday’s national news being completely unavoidable…

…a New Chapter in the Story of America.


This is not a post to voice your partisan opinion on.

In fairness to everyone, if you do so, regardless of whether I might agree with you privately or not, the comment will be deleted.  Okay?  In all fairness.

Here’s why I risk even scratching the flesh of the beast, a little bit:

I’m already being asked if this will affect your taxes.

There is an aura of mystery.

My “Cliff Notes” answer is that, generally speaking, I have learned that I am responsible for my success.

My failures.

My personal and professional finances.

Tax strategies are as ubiquitous an American phenomenon as health care coverages.

And every bit as complicated!

In my informed, albeit personal opinion: 

Unless you’re in the top 1% of income earners the things that come into and out of the tax code don’t have a huge impact on the fiscal stability of your household.

This part is my opinion, but it is based on fact, and it IS what I would be VERY happy to discuss, if you like.

It’s a matter of understanding the tax code, and the history of Internal Revenue Tax since its inception with the 16th Amendment. 

Can anybody tell me (without peeking!) what year it was ratified? 

I’ll say it later, further down here…

…but it’s been a long time, and my main point is simply this:

The success or failure of your chosen profession, unless it is directly related to a partisan endeavor, hinges on you.  I can say that because I know mine hinges on me.

The definition of success is not the absence of failure, it’s picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after failure and persisting.

I loved it when I learned that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school varsity. 

Did he accept failure?

Hell no, and we’re all better for it. 

So, there’s no defeatism allowed in Owings World, okay gang?

Go look in the mirror.

Repeat after me:

“I am responsible.”

Say it five times, like Candyman.

Then go do incredible things, and change the world.

You got this.  I got your back.


(…oh, and it was March 1913…)

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