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The Time Money Continuum

(...or How is your Work/Life balance?)

Time is money.


You’ve heard that one enough that it rises to the level of a cliché, right?


Here’s a question:


Do you think about what that means very often?


What it means to me, and what I want to share with you is simply this:


Like the physical universe, where space-time was proven to be interconnected by Einstein and others, time-money is also a continuum.


For my entrepreneurs and business leaders out there, that means that you have to CREATE time if you want the kind of real money you’ve only dreamed of before.


Because time-money is a continuum.  I’m sure even Sheldon Cooper would agree ????


You may say to yourself at this point, so…how does one create time? ???? 


Simple.  Staffing!


I am a recent convert, and like all recent converts with a new strong belief I’m a bit of zealot on this topic!


Picture me, standing at a pulpit before a congregation, slamming my open palm down and exhorting the crowd.




This is not new wisdom, and in fact if I thought about it I’m sure I read a book recently that planted the idea in my head in the first place. 


Delegation. Trust. Then, growth can occur. 


What, you may say to yourself, if I’m just a lowly salesperson, new to the field of real estate (my favorite), insurance, etc.?


Well, do you fix your own PC when it gives you fits?


Book your own appointments?


Do your own email inbox?


…and, the one you knew I was getting too…


Try to keep track of your own books, and file your own taxes?


I am going to share a piece of wisdom that it took me WAY too long to wrap my head around.




Really ready?


I, and most likely you, are not always the best person to do every single little thing in your business.


Good example for my fellow manly men out there ????????: fixing your own car.


Or, that semi-skilled home improvement job you know you can do well. 


I’m pretty good at figuring out power switches and outlets, for example.


But I KNOW there are people better at it.  Even more importantly, I KNOW that I could be serving others and/or doing money/making things in the time I spend on this stuff.


I’m VERY happy to give it up, too!  Plus I feel like I’m stimulating the local economy.


But most importantly…


…because, it takes time. 


And, it’s not just about the time.


Because time-money is a continuum.


What do you, myself, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet all have in common?


168 hours a week.  There’s a little wiggle room with the sleep period, but everybody needs at least 5 hours per night average, so…


133 hours max.  For the 8-hour sleepers = 112 hours.


The uber-wealthy have figured out how to create time, in simple terms. 


Because even if they don’t think of it in these terms, they know that time-money is a continuum.


You see?


Let me leave you with a thought that ties in with the professional electrician thing, okay?


The average self-prepared tax return takes 13 hours to complete.  Yup, true.


And that’s the ????????????????????????????.  Imagine a family with kids and a bunch of rental real estate a side hustle, for example.


I do this all the time, so even factoring in the collection of all the data and the emails for more info I can cut that to less than a third of that.


No bragging, just simple logistics: this is my field of expertise.


You have yours, too.


Picture yourself doing that, and growing your empire instead of losing precious time-money on minutiae.


Like Dr. Seuss says, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.”


On wings like an eagle!


So, in closing, would you like to know what freedom from taxes and bookkeeping, to focus on wealth-building, looks like?


Click here  ~~ Schedule Time With Me ~~


Let’s talk!

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