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The Power of Single Focus in Business

Tell me if this sounds familiar:


“Wow, she is such a good worker!  I’ve never seen anybody that can multitask the way she does!”


Now let’s say you’re a younger person (I used to be)


Trying to secure work at a temp agency (I used to be)


You overhear somebody in the office say something along those lines, and you think to yourself, on some level…


…”maybe that’s a skill I should work on developing.”


This was a true story, and a couple of years later when I was still a temp at the same Dilbert-cubicle hell of an accounting center, vying to get one of the coveted permanent positions in yet another nerve-wracking interview I was asked, point-blank:


“How do you handle interruptions, such as someone walking up and asking for help when you’re in the middle of something?”


Propagating the myth that being able to juggle live kittens without the claws shredding your thumbs is admirable in business.


By the way, I came up with a really great B.S. answer on the spot for that one, about how it’s flattering to be needed by an associate.


A-hem, hum, bullshit!!!


Do you want to produce?


Be brilliant?


Be wealthy?


Be respected as proficient, and an expert in your field?


I’ve learned something very valuable, and very fundamental late in life, and because I care I’m going to share openly with you today:


(…because the title should have “spoiler-alerted” you anyway…)


The human mind can accept a certain amount of outside stimulus, and it even has enough bandwidth to talk to your passenger about the weather or the sad state of politics while driving.

But the best possible method for completing an important task is to do it.

Nothing else, just that.  Until it’s done. 


“X” it off your list with satisfaction and pride,


…and then do what’s next. 


Oh, I have been terribly guilty of the other thing, most of my adult life in fact. 


And I am a fully grown-up adult man-type person, some would even say senior.  (“What?  You don’t say?  You don’t LOOK that old!”  “Aww shucks!”).


Here’s a fun observation, let’s see if you caught this. 


One person in my FaceWorld has, and I’m afraid I made her a little unhappy.


Can you find my business phone number anywhere?  No? 


That’s because I don’t post it.  You can Direct Message (DM), email, click chat on my website, or even reply to a post like this one, and I can get back to you WITH SINGLE FOCUS when I am able to share that with you fully.


Just like I am with the person I’m already helping when my phone rings, which unfortunately is 80% robo-marketing anyway.


Ironic that the telephone is used more for everything else but talking, but that’s the evolution we got.


No flying cars.  No manned Mars mission.  But we can watch movies on a pocket-sized device we can also deposit our checks with. 


Anyway, I digress.  See?  Single focus!!!


If you use my schedule link I’ll call YOU, at a good time for BOTH of us, and you have my 100% undivided attention for up to 45 minutes. 


Isn’t that better than cold calling a number off of Google, and taking a chance the person at the other end’s going to piss you off by not answering, or answering distractedly?


That’s the Power of Single Focus in Business, in action.


The person with whom you are speaking in the present moment deserves it.  Just as you do when it’s your turn. 


Isn’t it funny how much common-sense business practice falls right in line with the Golden Rule?    


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


Matthew 7:12, for you trivia-minded folks.


Oh, and if you’d like to get yourself some single focus concerning your books or taxes?

Click on the link below.

Thanks, and have a most incredible day! 

~~ Schedule Time with Me ~~

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