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“Why didn’t I know about that?”


I have a respected associate, a mentor if you will.


I was describing what I consider my flagship service to her, and guess what she said?


See first line, above!!!




A funny thing happened on my way to letting the world know about the course I had created a couple of months ago.


I kind of forgot to tell people what I do usually!


It wasn’t forgetfulness, not really.


I help people with S Corporation election and compliance ALL THE TIME.


Simply put: I solve the overwhelming self-employment tax problem, by basically making it go away.


Hell, that’s what the course was about!


It’s not likely I’m going to forget about that, right?


It’s kind of like that story I read as a kid about the purloined letter.  Pretty sure that was our 19th century American literary icon Edgar Allan Poe.


The point I’m remembering is that the best hiding place for this thing was on somebody’s desk, in plain sight.


So please, allow me to share, won’t you?


I have a unique and very personal offer for business people that allows them to save thousands of dollars in taxes every year, with the ability to afford what I bill with money left over for themselves…


…and a full-time accountant in their corner, in the background where I belong.


While they are doing the things that make them money.


I’m doing the things that net them income.


Oh, and did mention the saving thousands in taxes part?


Imagine knowing exactly what your financial position is at any point in the year.


Now, take that one step further…


…and imagine having thousands of extra dollars to spend on yourself, and your family, every year you’re in business.


While at the same time having those same tax savings pay your accounting expenses in full.


Sounds good, right?


I do this all the time, and I even have a name for it:




Strategic Tax-Related Analysis and Preparation.


The STRAP program takes all the pieces of the S Corp puzzle.


Snaps them together for the course of a tax year.


Then divides what I charge by 12 easily-affordable monthly payments.


You have a tax accountant that works for you the entire year…


…making sure you pay what you need to pay, when you need to pay it.


Without the stress of having to come up with tax preparation fees in both March and April,


…as well as a large nut of money sent off to your favorite federal and state governments,


…oh, and also without infuriating underpayment penalties.


Because you, with my help, took care of business during the year.


You know that your taxes are squared away without worry.  365 days a year. 


You “strap yourself in” to a vehicle before driving it, for personal safety.


Now, you can STRAP your business into tax savings and closely-watched due diligence, all year-round.


By a fellow taxpayer and tax professional that feels as strongly about your tax situation and ultimate success as I do my own.


STRAP is about simple empathy for the small business person of America.


Start here ⇒


This will take you to the next step, a free 45-minute introductory call with me.


Yours in abundant business wealth.

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