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My First Realtor Office Presentation

This is funny in hindsight, but in the moment it was a real suck-fest.

I got an invite to do a presentation on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 sometime in the following year.

Of course, I also took a few moments to talk about my recurring soapbox topic:

The Tax-Saving Benefits of S Corp Election.

I took a last-minute client call just as I was getting ready to leave that day.

Drove badly the whole way to try to make up a few minutes.

Got there about 5 minutes before I was supposed to go on.  I was pretty much ready, but…

…the president of the group talked me into sending my presentation to his company’s computer.

And I ended up going on 10 minutes later, flustered, under his disapproving glare for making his sales meeting late!

See the irony here?  In my most humble opinion, I should have stood my ground and made my own computer work, but I found myself taking heat for his bad decision.

(You see, afterwards I realized that I had the connection we needed all along.  Nice!)

I have since forgiven him.  Mostly, anyway ???? ???? ????

Nobody said life is perfect, right?  But, some stories have a silver lining, and/or a happy ending.

This is NO exception!

I got a call from one of his associates a couple of weeks later, who had just paid over a quarter of her entire net earnings in taxes.

She heard what I had to say about excess self-employment taxes, looked at her own return, and decided to do something about it.

To keep this short I’ll get to the good part!

I was able to file an amendment later that same year and get her back over half of the taxes she had already paid!

I felt like just maybe I came into her life at that point in time to help.

It felt damned good, no kidding!

She had an ugly problem that was eating away at her for several months.

Along came Eric, your humble and friendly tax nerd.

She got back thousands of dollars to spend on herself, and on client appreciation.

Despite my “high anxiety presentation,” and watching the president with his arms crossed, tapping his foot in my peripheral vision,

I was able to convey a message of hope somehow!

From SUCK to SUCCESS! ???? ???? ????

Fast forward to 2020.

Now, an expanded explanation of not only how cool S Corp Election is, but how a savvy person could do it for him- or herself is available!

I can help you for pennies, relative to what I charged her.

Solopreneur S Corp Strategy starts out with the gist of that nervous presentation…

…only better.

Then moves way beyond it, into the realms of how to become an S Corp your very-own-self, and how to continue being one as well!

Get it, and see.  My $77 course right now is ONLY $36, but only for a few more days.

DM me, or even better comment “I’m in!” below!

I know what I have, so I know I’m not extending that sale.  It ends Thursday night.

Why pay more?  ???? (My theory of tax filing, by the way!!!).  ???? Get it now!

{Originallly posted on June 28, 2020 via Facebook}

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