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The First Complexity

I was introduced to the idea recently that the three things we humans find to be most complex are our relationships, our bodies, and our finances.

I left off talking about our bodies a couple, maybe three days ago because Barb and I got hit with a double-whammy of terrible news, Wednesday night and then yesterday morning.  The first is very personal to a dear family in our life, and I will not discuss it here.

The second was a modern American tragedy, and it left us punch-drunk like Rocky at the end of Rocky II.  (He did find it within himself to prevail though).

So, relationships.  We had grown very close to a client who we served in several ways in our capacity of full-service holistic accounting: books, business and personal income taxes, and sales taxes.  Additionally, he became our go-to HVAC technician, and over time quite naturally our friend as well.

The last time I heard from him was the middle of April.  He was going through a heart-breaking divorce that was affecting their 3 children, and was getting his work done for his clients while living in a hotel.  We reached out numerous times for updates, growing more concerned as time went on.

There is a lot of detail that I’m leaving out, but the part that the news channels published is a matter of record.  Their relationship broke down to the most tragic conclusion possible: murder/suicide.

We were stunned, and barely able to think straight yesterday.  How do things come to this hopeless a point for people?

I had an idea to talk about the importance of relationships in this era of enforced home isolation when I started on this tangent last week, and what I have to say next isn’t too far off of my original train of thought.

Whatever you believe the highest power to be, and we all have our names and ideas for what this is, we are created in all the most important ways the same.  We break off into multiple classes and groups and ideologies, but above all of this are the concepts of family and friends.

We basically get a family either by the messy but blessed biological process of birth, or else through marriage.  Either way, I strongly believe that family is the universe’s or God’s way of teaching us the concept of unconditional love.

Barb and I lost a client and a friend.  I want to tell the rest of you, my valued clients, that I love and appreciate you.  You are not money to me – our lives would not be the same without you, on so many levels.  Now more than ever we vow to be here for you.

I offered empathy and the depth of my own (thankfully past) experience with divorce to my friend Jake, and I spent all day yesterday kicking myself in the ass for not trying harder.  

For the love of God people, if you ever find yourself with your head on backwards or your hair on fire please reach out to me?  That’s all of you, clients, friends, Facebook homies alike.  

Life is precious, and I can’t stop thinking about their kids.  They will deal with this the rest of their lives.

Whether you work with me or not.  I am here for you.  Namastè

{Originally posted on May 22, 2020 via Facebook}

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