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The Second Complexity - Revisited

I was talking about this the other day.  

Remember the “complexities?”  Our relationships, our bodies, and our finances?

I am coming to you today with a success story that I hope is inspiring.  I’m not trying to massage my ego, honest!  

I had a good weigh-in this morning, and it reminded me of my favorite Henry Ford quote:


I got fed-up with the way I was stuck at 10 pounds into the overweight zone on the same day my wife and I made the decision to self-isolate.  

I even remember the day; it was March 7th.  We had just returned from visiting my brother in L.A. on the 3rd, and only a couple of people were masked up at the airport.

I hopped on the scale that morning and I hit the number I had manage to avoid for the last couple of years: 200.0.  And that was it!  Enough is enough!

At that point I was already attempting to get up an hour earlier to exercise and meditate, but from that day I resolved to do it daily without fail.

I got down to around 190 in about 4 weeks. Awesome!  Then I got stuck.  I hit a plateau.  My goal was 176, and I bounced around 189 to 191-ish for about a week or two.  Frustrating!

What happened next was one of those things that confirms my belief in divine inspiration.  

I stay subscribed to a few things that I end up deleting about 70% of the emails based on the subject line.  Things like Writer’s Digest, Runner’s World, The Six-Minute Mile, Redbox, etc.  Do you do that?

I got an email from Six-Minute Mile with an interesting bit about staying healthy during “virus times,” and I happened upon a reference to a weight-loss app for your phone.  Yeah, it’s cool enough that I’ll plug it; it’s called LoseIt.

After a couple of weeks with it I discovered that for pennies a day I can integrate it with the sportswatch my sweetheart bought me, and it got even easier.  

Today I’m 19 pounds lighter, with 5 to go.  And I did it during self-isolation (what our Colorado Governor has been calling “Safer at Home” since they relaxed some restrictions).  

I told myself it was possible despite being on the far end of middle-aged, and I just up and damned did it! ????‍??????????

Do you want to know my exercise regimen?  I won’t bore the world with it here, but hell yeah I’ll share it with you if you ask in DM.  The morning stuff is surprisingly short – I can get it done in 20 minutes usually, or 2 ½ Tool songs.

So, coming soon…can I do it with the other two complexities, relationships and finances?  You can bet your ass I’m working on it!

Have an abundantly healthy and blessed day.  Namastè, earthlings!

{Originally posted on May 18, 2020 via Facebook}

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