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The Three Great Complexities!

This idea crossed my radar from the book I’m reading lately, and this is SO GOOD that I have to share it:

The three things that people find the most challenging in our modern world…


Our relationships

Our bodies

…and our finances

This really resonated with me, because at some point I’ve looked at all three of these, long and hard.  Can you relate?

Relationships is kind of personal on the love interest side.  At this point, after what a buddy of mine calls “over 2 Neanderthal lifetimes” I am in pretty good shape here.  Finally!

I have a cute, cuddly, and caring spouse.  With a weirdly surprising sense of humor.  I know, and thank God, that I couldn’t have asked for a better quarantine partner.  I am deeply sad for anybody that got caught in this doorjam of a fiasco totally single and alone.

But of course relationships are also business, friends, relatives, et al.  Is any of this stuff always perfect?  Hell no!  Neither are marriages for that matter, but they’re worth working on.

Bodies.  I keep hearing from aforementioned spouse that my weight is just going to stick and come off harder because I’m older now.  I don’t wanna hear that crap, but yeah yeah blah blah.  More on this another time – I have a goal wrapped around the stay at home era, and I’m happy to share it.  Later.

Finances.  This one is the subject of so much debate, and despair, and disagreement.  I always swore that if I did a PhD level of business school my dissertation would be on the time-money continuum. 

The ways money is viewed are as many and varied as the individuality of people themselves.  But the big one I’d like to conclude on is this (and I’m borrowing from another book here…): 

We talk big smack about money.  Why?  Things like, “oh, I don’t need money, I just want to be happy.”  Well hell, replace the word money with oxygen.  Or food.  See what I’m sayin’?  Money is the root of all awesome, not evil!  (That gets misquoted all the time anyway).  

It may not BUY you happiness, but it will allow you to arrive to your misery in better style.  Right?

If you talked smack about a girl or a guy that you had the feels for, would you be surprised if they didn’t want to have anything to do with you?  So, if money is currency and currency is energy why does it surprise you that when you talk smack about it that it stays away from you as well?


One of the things I focus on in my business life is to be friends with money, and to make the people that work with me happy about their money, and by extension their lives in general.  

I can do that…why?  Because I’m determined to be friends with money.  

Stay tuned…I think this is going to be really cool!!!

{Orginially posted on May 14, 2020 via Facebook}

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